Relationship Is Everything

Are you in a relationship? YES! But this is not just about having a romantic partner. We all interact in some way with everything in the world around us. Even if you are single, you have a relationship with money, work, your home, food, your body, media, even your computer and this webpage! The list is endless!

So what’s the point, you ask?

Well, when you think of each area of your life, do they all feel good? If you are here reading this, there’s probably something you’d like to see change. Maybe it’s a boss who under-appreciates the extra work you do, or a co-worker who always ‘borrows’ something… maybe you have kids and they ‘never listen’… or maybe it seems like as soon as you get a little ahead with bills, some unexpected big expense wipes out your progress…

Whatever the difficulty, and we all have one (or many!), we work to try and fix it, right? We look ‘out there,’ see something we don’t like, and apply effort to change whatever that thing is.

We are going to suggest another approach:

By exploring our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs through the study of our relationships, we discover the real key to creating positive change. 

Understanding this dynamic is the key to discovering your true self, bringing harmony into you life, finding your sense of purpose, and creating lasting happiness. Wow, really? So how does it work?

All relationships mirror an aspect of the self.

Everything you interact with, directly or indirectly, will provide clues to the state of the most basic relationship you have… the one you have with yourself. This key element plays a big role in the tone of your outer circumstances.

Here's what will happen...

If you can improve how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself, how well you take care of yourself, what you believe about yourself, and what you believe you are capable of, you will begin to see the circumstances of your life magically change for the better. The trick is to stop trying to fix that thing ‘out there,’ and instead, change what’s going on in your inner experience!

For example, improve your self-worth, and watch new abundance flow into your life; or begin to practice outstanding self-care, and receive more respect from the people around you. What other changes might you see?

Think about it… if this is the only relationship you have complete control of… and if it’s the basis of all others… then yes...

Anything in life is possible!!!

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