Looking for Relationship Answers?

In need of new relationship answers? Ah! Ok, let’s narrow your question a little more…

Are you trying to figure out how to stop fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you have a spouse that’s driving you crazy because he or she won’t listen? Are you at an impasse with a friend and ready to throw the ‘Let’s agree to disagree’ thing out the window??

Look no further, ‘cause you’re in the right place! Literally… look no further (than at the relationship you have with yourself)…

Wait!!! Come back! You’re in the right place, remember? But we’ll get to the ‘look at yourself’ part later... First, keep reading! ;-)

If you want to jump right in, here is something to consider when you're stuck in... ‘Why does he (or she) always DO that?'

And practice these relationship answers to find the ease you long for. If the list seems overwhelming, just pick ONE to focus on for the week, then come back here and let us know how it went.

Now this brings us to another point… practice. Most of us have heard the saying: “You are what you eat,” right? Well, the same idea applies to thought and activity; we are what we think about and what we do!

Do you know what you think about every day? Look at how you feel and what you do most of the time. The new practice we are suggesting is that you make time for your relationship with yourself. Why??

How you treat yourself lets others know how you want them to treat you.

AND, it’s the only way to see a different result. If you keep doing what you do, you will continue to get what you got before!

Ok, so I really AM just saying… the relationship answers you need will come when you repair your relationship with yourself. Remember, this is NOT about blaming yourself for the miserable parts of your relationships, though; it’s about using those uncomfortable moments as an invitation to look at things differently and try something new

So stick around; we have lots of goodies here to help you discover how to do it! And we promise to make it FUN!


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