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The Relationship Blog is where you can find a fresh look at ALL your relationships. It is the key to everything, as we are, literally, in relationship with everything in our lives.

--> For the person seeking the answers to healing relationship conflicts, we will take you on a journey of discovery into the question: "Why does he or she always do that?"

--> For the horse owner/rider, we will discuss how to unravel the mystery of connection.

--> For those who crave a deeper understanding of self, well... c'mon in! It's what we love too!

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Equine Immersion with Invision®

A one-of-a-kind workshop, Equine Immersion with Invision® brings together two very powerful and proven effective tools for personal transformation.

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Relationship Answers

If you are looking for relationship answers, you've come to the right place! We can help you unravel the mystery of conflict and find the peace you desire.

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The Secret Language of Relationships

Hint: it's not nonverbal communication! The secret language of relationships revealed here will help you find more peace and harmony in all your interactions.

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Relationship Answers that Work!

Heal current discord and establish healthier connections with friends and family using these relationship answers.

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Invision® is a new form of energy psychology that delivers fast, transformational results.

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