Equine Immersion with Invision®

Experience the power of Equine Immersion with Invision®! We have brought together these two powerful and proven effective, personal development tools to create a one-of-a-kind transformational workshop.

How does it work?

1.      In the presence of the horse, you become who you are; your blocks are exposed and strengths are revealed.

2.      Learn and apply The Invision® Process to transform self-imposed limitations and anchor your gifts. Become who you desire to be.

3.      Experience instant feedback from the horses as you shift and practice this new you. Feel, see, and witness the impact that the best version of you has on the world around you!

Want to learn MORE about Invision®? Click hear to read about the creator of this cutting-edge process, Colette Baron-Reid.

So who are you?

Are you an intuitively empowered team member?

An influential and inspired entrepreneur?

A sensitive and unconditionally supportive care-giver?

A fearless, compassionate leader?


We can help you define AND embody your best self!


Who is this for?

This specialized event is open to all adults. The core of our curriculum is the study of relationship and will benefit those who seek clarity and/or improvement in an existing relationship or in some area of their lives. This includes not only 'people' relationships, but any 'thing' or idea, such as a job, money, home, an unrealized dream, etc.    

This can help you if you... 

     ·    hate your job;
     ·    feel like you repel money;
     ·    have a dream but don't know where to start;
     ·    or just long for that something more!

OR, for example:

     If you are a...

       ·    coach...

       ·    business owner or manager...    

    health care provider...

       ·    head of household...

we can help you do this...

establish rapport and trust with clients;

inspire honesty and eager productivity from employees;

obtain communicative and patient cooperation from patients;

elicit cooperative, team-minded engagement form family members.

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