More than a Marriage Counseling Retreat

Are you ready for a new kind of marriage counseling retreat? One that helps you get rid of the ick and find the fun in your relationship? Are you tired of the same old, same old and wanting to feel inspired? Are you ready for a change? Would you like to replace the ‘he said, she said’ argument with inspired, mutual support?

We can help you re-discover the harmony in your relationship and have FUN in the process!

When I hear the phrase ‘marriage counseling’ I start to feel all serious and concerned… uh-oh, there must be a problem here… Does this sound familiar? Does it feel like something you 'should' do in order to 'work on' your relationship?

Well what if we re-defined the process and also the name... What if we called it a Find-The-Fun-In-Your-Marriage Retreat? Or a I-Didn’t-Know-It-Could-Be-This-Easy Workshop??

We can!

Yes, we all have challenges in our lives, but it’s the difficulties that usually lead us to the greatest treasures. Join us for a journey you’ll never forget, as we offer a unique way to decipher the dynamic of your relationship that involves interacting with horses.

Yes, I said horses!

These majestic animals are among some of our greatest healers on the planet. How do they heal? Horses help us know how to heal ourselves by showing us who we are and by providing a valuable example of present moment acceptance.

Can you love this moment? And if you can't love it, are you able to accept it without judgment?

Ah, now there's question!

And do you understand the outer affect of your own energy? How it is drawing a certain type of response from another person? Does your partner get it?

From the 1000’s of years of living in the wild, horses have learned how to survive. They have refined their ability to instantly scan the environment and communicate their interpretation of it (is there danger here or not) to other members of the herd, meaning, they are uniquely able to reflect the state of their surroundings. This includes reflecting the emotional and energetic state of humans.

Horses show people what works and what doesn't work in any relationship.

So if you are looking for a marriage counseling retreat that gets the job done but in such a way that you almost miss the ‘counseling’ part, come see us.

This is outside, interactive play! 

Relationships are meant to feel good

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