Why Horses?

Why horses, you ask? Because they are large prey animals! Horses have three very valuable characteristics that we can use to explore our own nature:

1. Because horses depend on their ability to make split second decisions about any dangers in their environment to survive, they continuously evaluate their surroundings and communicate this information to others;

2. Because they have learned that an individual is safer within a group than when alone, they band together in herds; (These first two inherent behaviors make horses very clear emotional mirrors and relationship experts!)

3. And what makes a herd of horses different form smaller prey animals such as a flock of sheep? They are very BIG, which tends to make us pay more attention to our surroundings too!

So what does this mean for you?

Horses only speak the truth.

A horse cannot separate how it feels from how it acts, as accurate communication, non-verbal communication, is vital for its survival. As humans, however, we hide our feelings regularly and often unconsciously. This creates what's called 'incongruancy,' a mismatch in energy and outward behavior that breeds distrust between individuals. This is a practice that would be disastrous in the wild!

Hmm... Is it disastrous in you home or office?

Are you ready to learn how to be more authentic in your relationships?

Horse with a human.

To explore how this process can be used to reveal the dynamic of human relationships, imagine that the horse has an energy field enveloping everything within its awareness. Everything it 'touches' is categorized as a threat, a non-threat, or a group member. Consider also, that humans carry their stories with them wherever they go. In a sense, the horse 'reads' these stories energetically, and probably for most people, knows more about them than they do!

They will instantly reveal the human leaders, the followers, and the ones for example, who stir the pot and those who are good at diffusing escalating conflict. We clearly see an individual's strengths and weaknesses that often remain hidden under the surface of person-to-person interaction. This allows a person to see themselves, the good and the 'bad,' without judgment!

THEN, after clear communication, comes potential union...

Entering the present moment 'empty' (without attachment) is necessary for true connection with another to occur.

The usual, story-charged energy field a person emanates creates a barrier between the human and the horse; meaning, the horse can only interact with the story, not with the essence of the person, his or her authentic self. Only once the facade is put aside or when an opening is created within it can authentic union occur. Once you feel this and know how to do it, it can never be taken away...

Can you imagine how your personal relationships would feel if they were always honest and supportive?

For a deeper understanding of why horses are so effective in helping you become the best, most authentic version of yourself, BE with one. You may just find that you learn something new about who you really are!

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